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Google Adds Video Campaigns Report to Analytics

online advertisingWhen it comes to grabbing an audience’s attention, video is a great choice of content format. As the soaring popularity of tools such as Vine (along of course with the perennial king of online video, YouTube) proves, today’s high-tech users are very comfortable with, and fond of, video as a quick and effective way to get information. Video allows you to make a point in a more dramatic and memorable way. It is of course also a great choice to engage those with short attention spans.

That’s why more and more businesses are incorporating video into their online advertising campaigns, including those run through AdWords. A tool designed specifically for this purpose is YouTube TrueView video ads. Marketers can create video ads and only pay based on the number of people who actually watch them.

While these ads may be effective, that’s often hard to say with certainty since measuring the results of these ads can be a challenge. Now Google is trying to make that easier by adding a new Google Analytics Video Campaigns report that focuses on TrueView ads. The new feature was announced on a recent post on Google’s Analytics blog.

The post noted, “With more than 1 billion unique users each month from across the world and with 40% of that traffic on mobile, YouTube is one of the best places to reach your target audience with high-quality, compelling video.”

As the post stresses, creating a TrueView video ad is a quick process using AdWords for Video. You then just auto-tag your video and link your Analytics and AdWords accounts, and you will be able to see detailed data about your video traffic. This information can be useful to you in helping you decide how to adjust your budget and targeting strategy.

KEO Marketing can handle this and all of your online advertising campaign needs.

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Interesting Stats on Marketing Automation

marketing automationMarketo recently teamed up with Software Advice to survey companies about their marketing habits and automation needs, and used that information to put together an interesting infographic called The State of Marketing Automation Trends 2014 highlighting some insights related to these topics.

Not surprisingly, one takeaway is that automation tools are becoming increasingly popular among marketers, many of whom are only just starting to investigate and experiment with these products.

So, who is looking at automation solutions most? It’s probably no big shocker that high-tech businesses are leading the pack. But consulting, manufacturing and media firms are also high on the list. The largest segment of buyers consisted of companies with fewer than 500 employees. This makes sense, as these companies have the strongest motivation to try and find ways to get maximum results from a limited staff.

Some other findings shown in the infographic include:

- 91% of buyers were evaluating marketing automation software for the first time

- 40% of buyers said their main goal was to improve lead management, while 30% were motivated by a need to automate their processes

- Lead nurturing was the most requested capability for marketing automation software, followed by reporting/analytics and lead scoring.

While marketing automation tools may be a good way to make your process more efficient and less labor-intensive, you still need actual humans doing the planning and brainstorming, and creating the strategies. That’s where KEO Marketing can help, as we handle comprehensive marketing strategy planning and execution for a wide variety of clients.

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What to Know About Gmail’s Unsubscribe Feature

unsubscribeGmail users will now be able to unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters and promotional messages more easily. Google recently announced the addition of a new unsubscribe feature that will make it simple and quick for Gmail users to remove themselves from mailing lists.

The unsubscribe link will appear in a very visible spot at the top of the message, right next to the sender’s name.

Marketers need to be aware of this change, and what they need to do as a result. In his Marketing Land blog post, “Everything You Need To Know About Gmail’s Auto-Unsubscribe,” Tom Sather shares some tips for how you can handle the unsubscribe option.

First, though, he points out that marketers should resist the automatic negative reaction they likely have to this news. He points out that it is in a business’ best interests to make it as easy as possible for email recipients to unsubscribe from unwanted mailings. This decreases the odds that you’ll be marked as spam, and also improves both your deliverability and reputation.

Now, to activate this feature, your must focus on your email header. “Gmail’s unsubscribe feature is based on the list-unsubscribe header,” Sather explains. “The list-unsubscribe header is an x-header, which means it appears in the email header, but isn’t visible within email clients. As a result, email providers like Gmail can use this as a way to create an action. The list-unsubscribe header can appear as an email address, a website, or both.”

You have the option of using either a MAILTO or URL function in directing the unsubscribe command. “If only the MAILTO version is listed, or if it appears last, an email message would be sent seamlessly behind the scenes to the address given,” Sather says. “Gmail has stated that they prefer the MAILTO version and have suggested they may move away from the URL altogether in the future.”

Of course, after you implement this feature, you must then follow through and ensure that you are in fact removing people from your list once they click on the unsubscribe link. Otherwise, your deliverability may be negatively affected (not to mention, you will annoy people).

Sather points out that the unsubscribe option will only be available to senders with positive, established reputations. If you are starting a new campaign using a new IP address, you likely won’t see it. If you aren’t using a new address but still don’t see this option, that may be a red flag alerting you to a possible issue with your reputation.

We can help manage your email campaigns and protect both your deliverability rates and reputation.

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New Panda Update on the Horizon

Google PandaLooks like there’s a new version of Panda in the works. That’s according to Matt Cutts, whose official title at Google is Distinguished Engineer, but he calls himself the “head of Google’s Webspam team.”

At the Search Marketing Expo event held earlier this month, Cutts shared that the company is working on a next generation update to Panda, the search algorithm which has seen several updates in the past few years.

He described this new incarnation as a “kinder, softer Panda” and said it would be especially helpful to small businesses. He noted that someone on the team involved with this Panda upgrade is specifically focused on working on strategies to help small businesses and websites improve their search results.

Cutts didn’t share details about exactly what features or formulas might be implemented to help small businesses achieve these better results, nor did he give any specific timeline for when this upgrade may be completed. Small businesses will surely be eagerly awaiting updates, as they will welcome any changes that can help give them an edge in climbing higher among Google results. And of course it won’t just be the small businesses that reap the rewards. Users can also benefit if these upgrades allow them to get more targeted results that better fit what they need.

While you are waiting for the next Panda update, there are many things you can do right now to help improve your search results. We can analyze your search engine optimization tactics and identify ways you can do better.

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