Insight Selling

Stand Out.

Set yourself apart from your competition and position yourself as an authority in your clients' industries.

Finding ways to differentiate your products and services during the sales process can be very challenging.

No one sales strategy seems to work these days. In the past, we armed sales people with collateral and asked them to go out and find out what prospects need and then return with a solution. This type of “Solution Selling” no longer works today. It’s nearly impossible to get in the door to even learn what the prospect needs.

Many recent studies show that 60% of the sales process is over before a prospect ever reaches your website, calls your office or talks to a sales person. Your prospects are educating themselves in advance of speaking with you and may even have sophisticated vetting systems to choose a vendor or partner that keep you out of the process.

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All of this means that your company and your salespeople need to dramatically differentiate themselves from the competition throughout the sales process.

At KEO Marketing, we have perfected a system called the B2B Marketing Success Formula™ that builds from on a process called Differentiated Insight Selling. At its core, it is about delivering disruptive insights that challenge prospects to re-think the ways they do business and outlines a roadmap for increasing their business and their results exponentially.

Get your prospects to think of you as a strategic partner who knows their business and their market as well or better than they do.

Make your company the go-to advisor for your clients and differentiate your company from your competition.

KEO is by far the most reliable and talented team I have experienced. I never have to wonder if they are watching my results or thinking about what the next step should be.....they always are.

- Linda Zimmerman, co-owner of Republic West Home, Inc.

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