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Make your blog a central part of the conversation your customers are having.

KEO Marketing, a leader of blog design in Phoenix, provides blogging solutions that will help your business connect with your target audience and build community around your brand.

Blogging can provide businesses an outlet for news, product updates, service announcements, customer interaction and so much more.  Adding a corporate blog to your search engine optimization and social networking strategies can help your organization leverage a community of interested users who often convert into buyers.

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What is Corporate Blogging?

Corporate blogging is an effective social networking tool used to communicate news, commentary or information.  Typical blogs can combine text, images, links and other media that relate to a particular subject. 

Bloggers publish blogs in various ways: by video (vlog), links (linklog), sketches (sketchblog) or photos (photoblog).  Blogs published via mobile devices are called “moblogs.”  There are legal blogs, diary blogs, fashion blogs, travel blogs, political blogs and so on. 

Blog search engines like Technorati and Feedster provide current information and categorize blogs making it easier for readers to find what they’re looking for.

Blogging as a business strategy can help businesses gain online exposure by publishing information about their products or services.  Consumers interested in these products or services can read about them, post comments, and then spread that information by linking, ranking or re-posting in their own blog.  This viral marketing practice has become popular as a search engine optimization strategy because search engines value recency in information and it can boost a website’s popularity quickly.

Sheila Kloefkorn and KEO Marketing ran a half day seminar on social media and was an excellent, energetic speaker. Being a very open and friendly speaker, she kept the crowd engaged and was very informative.

- Kathy Bass, Freelance Graphic Designer, Wagging Tail Designs

How Can Blogging Help My Business?

Blogging to communicate with your target market will bring more traffic and act as a link building agent that can increase your website’s ranking.  KEO Marketing can help you create, maintain and syndicate blog articles that contain well-researched keywords to target your audience with content they want to read.  Blogs are a great way to share information about your products and services with interested consumers!

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