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Make your website your best salesperson.
An effective website is the hub of a successful digital presence.

KEO Marketing’s web design and development services will help your business gain traction with search engines and generate valuable leads and sales.

As you may already know, websites look very different to a user than they do to search engines like Google, or Bing.  Because of this, web developers must find the balance between building an appealing site that users can navigate easily and building a site that is attractive to search engines. 

KEO Marketing Inc, a leader in web design in Phoenix, offers website design and development services that take your ideas and our experience to create or upgrade your website so that it is a more compelling version of your brand and sales message, and is fully optimized for search engines.  We work closely with your marketing and website development teams to ensure that all bases are covered.

Web design and development is more than just code, design and navigation.  It’s also about making your website your best salesperson.

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As the Internet continues to change and grow, new ideas for website development are introduced.  These new ideas become popular and are often incorporated into the algorithms of search engines, making search engine optimization a crucial part of Internet marketing.

Think about this:

There are more than 80 million websites on the Internet and that number is increasing exponentially.  Differentiating your site from other sites seems nearly impossible.  But what if you could figure out a way to bring that number down to 10? Not 10 million, just 10. 

We’ve used their services for 5 years and in that time they have created two large websites for us (including all content), in addition to multiple micro sites. They have kept us on the first page in top search engines.

- Dario Priolo, CMO of Profiles International

You're probably wondering how something like that could be possible.  How can you get your website to rank in the Top 10 search results for keywords that are relevant to your site?  And once you do that, how do you get visitors to convert when they visit your site?

KEO Marketing will recommend a custom web design and development strategy based on the resources of your company and then we will work with your development team to implement that strategy. 

Our web design and development approach uses a combination of properly designed web pages, keyword research, prominently placed key search terms, reader-friendly keyword-rich content and a link building program that will help your website gain Top 10 search results.

Make your website your best salesperson or lead generator. Get results with web design and development from KEO Marketing.

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