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E-Commerce Design

Search engine optimized e-commerce design from KEO Marketing will enable you to grow sales, manage customers and merchandise product online. 

In order to gain a competitive edge in the world of online retail, you need to have a strategy that encompasses all aspects of e-commerce: search engine marketing and optimization, online product merchandising and online retail operations.  A well-developed e-commerce platform can increase the ease of navigation, boost conversion rates and produce loyal customers who spread the word and keep coming back.

E-Commerce Design and Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the most productive Internet marketing strategies for businesses both large and small.  It is a process by which marketers and web developers work together to create, develop or upgrade websites to make them attractive to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

Developing an e-commerce site that is optimized for search engines yet is still appealing and easily navigated by users is no easy task.  KEO Marketing will help you develop a custom e-commerce SEO marketing plan that caters to your end users and the search engines that get them there.  We will help to ensure that product pages are indexed by search engines and that each page is a highly engaging, successful salesperson.

E-Commerce Design and Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a form of online marketing that promotes websites by increasing their visibility in the sponsored results pages of search engines.  Whether your search engine marketing strategies include pay per click marketing, paid inclusion or search engine optimization, we can help you build an e-commerce site that will accommodate all three.  KEO Marketing can help you implement and manage an SEM strategy that increases conversion rates and brings in more qualified leads and sales. 

E-Commerce Design and Online Product Merchandising

Proper product merchandising can be one of your biggest weapons as an online retailer.  Giving your users the shopping experience they are looking for is highly dependent on the design and navigation of your e-commerce site.  With more product management options, increased contextual up-selling and cross-selling techniques, targeted discounts and available shipping options, you can almost guarantee that your online product offering will be competitive with any competitor's site.

E-Commerce Design and Online Retail Operations

As the number of online shoppers continues to grow, so does the number of online e-commerce competitors.  Implementing best practices with your e-commerce site will help your company maximize online sales and influence on offline sales.  KEO Marketing will help you quantify your customer's online research and buying habits by drawing on consumer surveys, market forecasts and industry-specific studies.  We will use this information to ensure that your e-commerce site is competitively positioned at all times.

A Well-Developed E-Commerce Platform Will Deliver Results

KEO Marketing, a specialist of e-commerce design, builds individualized e-commerce platforms and services for clients, catering to your unique business products and services. Using your knowledge and our expertise, we are able to build an attractive, functional site that is easily navigated by both users and search engines. Increase your website traffic, grow your revenue and convert more visitors – get started today!

Make your website your best salesperson or lead generator. Get results with e-commerce design from KEO Marketing. Contact us for a free website analysis. Call 1-888-702-0679 today.